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This website has been carefully constructed to take you on a journey of learning. It teaches problem solving, critical thinking and decision making in a common sense no nonsense format. Enjoy you visit!

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Problem Solving
Problem Solving Overview
The 8 Problem Solving Steps

Problem Solving Tools
Problem Solving Tools
The Ben Franklin Balance Sheet
The Burning Platform
Gathering True Facts and Data
Train of Thought
The Subconscious
Finding the Root Cause
The Point of Diminishing Returns

Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
What is Critical Thinking?
Critical Thinking Skills
Developing Critical Thinking Skills
A Powerful Critical Thinking Book
Critical Thinking Questions
Critical Thinking Exercise

Critical Thinking Articles
Critical Thinking Articles
Divergent vs. Convergent Thinking
Problem Solving Games
The Scientific Method
Multiple View Points
Group Think
Working Backwards
Intuitive Thinking
The Domino Effect
A Pareto Principle Example
Success Secrets
Comparison Studies
A Comparison Study Example

Decision Making
Powerful Decision Making
The 7 Decision Making Steps
Split Second Decision Making

The Right Brain Left Brain Crossover
The Right Brain Left Brain Crossover

Multiple Intellegences
Multiple Intelligences

Brainstorming Techniques
Brainstorming Techniques
The Affinity Diagram
The Pareto Principle
What if Questions
The Socratic Method

Communication Articles
Communication Articles
Emotional Connections
Frame of Reference
Effective Communication Skills
Nuance Communication
Communicating Expectations
Improving Listening Skills
Conquering Listening Barriers
Active Listening

Advanced Critical Thinking
The US Space Program Benefits
The American Space Program
The Apollo Astronauts
Future Technology Development Steps

Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy
Economic Meltdown
Basic Financial Literacy Statistics
Financial Behavior Modification

Preparing for the Future
Preparing for the Future
Inflection Points
How to Make a Bucket List

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