Success Secrets!

Success secrets are not really that secret. It takes a strong problem solver, critical thinker and decision maker.

These traits coupled with a great deal of hard work, time urgency and passion and a willingness to make significant sacrifices are the common elements to become successful. In other words, an expert in a field.

An expert in a field is someone who has a deep and broad knowledge about his or her chosen profession. He or she is someone who solved the mystery of that field.

One of the elements to becoming an expert is embracing and internalizing a field of expertise. Extensive study, practice, observation and analysis are some of the critical thinking skills that a person applies to become an expert.

An individual who solves the mystery of a profession (success secrets) can frequently replicate those efforts over again. Let’s look at a few examples of prominent people who have solved the mystery of their profession.

Warren Buffett has solved the mystery of investing. His success at making money by investing in undervalued companies and then selling them for large gains is legendary. It earned him the nickname, the Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffett was born in Omaha Nebraska).

Bill Gates is a person who solved the mystery of marketing effectively. He quit college at Harvard to be in the beginning of the personal computer revolution. Today, because of his marketing savvy he and Microsoft are household names.

Steve Wozniak was responsible for much of the early success of Apple Computer. He solved the mystery of making early home computers simple.

For example, he found a way on the Apple II to allow the video display and microprocessor share the same memory. He also developed a floppy disk controller that only used a fourth of the integrated circuits used by other controllers at the time.

Solving the mystery of a profession has been explained for two reasons.

First, is to show the power of problem solving, critical thinking and decision making when they are applied effectively to a field of expertise.

And second, knowing the success secrets of others can help shine a light to lead your way if you decide to go down that path in your life.

Other sections in this website have been created help you decide on the best career for yourself; wherein you may become an expert.

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