The Apollo Astronauts

The Apollo Astronauts are amazing human beings. On many occasions I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and talking with several of the astronauts and support crew from the Early US Space Program.

These included astronauts from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I have also read a great deal about these times.

This articles and the ones like it on space exploration are intended to raise awareness of what we were and what we can become again as a great nation. We have the capability and people who can become true heroes again. And, who do the right things for the right reasons.

I have focused my energies mostly on the Apollo era of the space program. It interested me most since these were the missions that put 12 men on the moon and brought them all safely home.

Some of the most memorable conversations with the Apollo astronauts have been with: Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7), Tom Stafford (Apollo 10), Gene Cernan (Apollo 10 & 17), Buzz Aldrin ( Apollo 11), Michael Collins ( Apollo 11), Alan Bean (Apollo 12), Jim Lovell (Apollo 13), Ed Mitchell (Apollo 14), Al Worden (Apollo 15), Gene Kranz (Flight Controller), Gunter Wendt (Pad leader) and more.

I have also read many of their books and have sat there on many occasions in humble appreciation at the level of dedication, commitment, and outright love of life and country that they all have.

These are truly amazing human beings who all are gentlemen, scholars and true adventurers who feared failure more than death itself. As Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7) once said:

“We knew it was risky. We weren't stupid, Yes, there are things worth dying for. It's the Christopher Columbus’s and Neil Armstrong’s that move us forward. If Ralph Nader had led the wagon train, we would have never got anywhere." ~ Walter Cunningham, 2003.

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