The Right Brain Left Brain Crossover

The Right Brain Left Brain Crossover is worth developing.

The left hemisphere of the brain is used for logical, analytical, rational, and objective reasoning.

The right hemisphere is used for intuitive, subjective and holistic thinking.

Using only one side of the brain is denying oneself of the full power of the decision making process.

You can use the right brain left brain crossover to make sound, rational and logical decisions that you feel good about.

People who use only use their left brain and work with facts, data and logic without feelings to make decisions are missing the richness of using their emotions.

These individuals deny their feelings because they believe that facts, data, and logic always produce better decisions than feelings and emotions.

Feelings are an integral part of the human condition. Accepting and embracing them during decision making ensures that you will feel good about your decision—now, and later.

On the flip side, those who only “feel” their answers miss the importance of backing up those feelings with information and common sense. Learning the facts and data frequently saves a great deal of money, time, and heartache.

It can be scary to learn the facts and data for someone accustomed to basing decisions on feelings. However, moving out of one’s comfort zone and using the left side of the brain ensures balanced and sound decisions.

There are many amazing people who have accomplished much with a strong right brain left brain crossover.

For example, Alan Bean was a Navy test pilot, the Lunar module pilot on Apollo 12 and the forth man to walk on the moon. These jobs required strong left brain thinking using logical, analytical, rational, and objective reasoning.

After resigning from NASA Alan Bean became a full time artist. He paints Apollo’s human adventure that is both visionary and historic. Art requires strong right brain thinking using intuitive, subjective and holistic thinking.

Florence Nightingale is another example of a person with an excellent left brain right brain crossover. Many of the nurturing qualities of a good nurse are right brain traits. Her work as a statistician to show the importance of sanitary conditions in healing the sick and wounded used her left brain powers.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think if you only try!” ~Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

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