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The #1 Skill Employers are Looking For

The #1 skill that employers are looking for is the ability to critically think.

An exceptional professor I had years ago (affectionately called Dr. G.) once said to me: “Chuck, if you don’t want to be like everyone else, don’t act like everyone else!” These words resonated with me through the years and I would like to share with you what they mean.

My first exposure to Dr. G was when I attended Pepperdine University in California in the late 1980’s. I took his class on microeconomics.

During the class Dr. G. continually stressed the importance of Critical Thinking in all that he taught. He would constantly challenge us to think through issues, make informed decisions and do our own homework when needed.

Dr G’s dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm sparked a roaring fire inside me to learn more about this powerful skill.

I began asking questions like:

• Why are some people with equal raw intelligence, skills and ambition not as successful as others with the same intelligence, skills and ambition?

• What does it take to be a leader at a company and get more pay and benefits?

• Why does a company tell most of its employees that they have to go through years and years in the same position to move slowly up the ladder of success when the CEO gets there much sooner?

One of the key answers to these questions is: They have strong Critical Thinking skills.

Although Critical Thinking is the answer; that begs the next questions: Why is Critical Thinking so Powerful?...and…How can they be improved? Let’s dig deeper.

Our Most Powerful Strength

Our ability to critically think is the most powerful strength that we possess. It has allowed us human beings to leave the protection of natural caves, to design and build homes, to make complex infrastructures and teach our young.

We have the printing press, the telescope and the microchip. The quality of life we humans experience as a group exists in direct proportion to our brain power and how we use it.

In a world where common sense is at a premium, companies are “starved” for people who can take on a wide array of tasks, make well thought out decisions and think through issues.

You can improve your critical thinking skills. It takes time, patience and a willingness to get out of your box and read more critical thinking articles.

Here are some Critical Thinking Articles to get you started:

Divergent and Convergent Thinking

The Pareto Principle

The Scientific Method

Making a Bucket List

Finding the Root Cause

The Subconscious

The Socratic Method

Multiple View Points

Working backwards

Intuitive Thinking

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