The Subconscious - A Critical Thinking Resource

The subconscious is a powerful but hidden resource that can be excellent help when critically thinking about a wide array of tasks.

Frequently you will encounter a large barrier when you are working a problem, project or trying to meet an objective.

When this happens it is easy to become frustrated. Sometimes this leads to giving up.

Instead, consider using the hidden resource of your unconscious mind to help you through these sticky points.

It doesn’t always work, however it is another useful critical thinking method.

To allow the mind to work when you are at rest; do the following:

• Don’t think about the project or objective for awhile.
• If it’s later in the day, get a good night sleep.

Your unconscious is continually working—even when you are sleeping.

Have you ever had a project or objective you were having difficulty with and then slept on it? Has the solution ever come to you in the morning? This was your subliminal mind working for you while you were resting!

Difficult projects or objectives take significant time and energy to complete. Both the conscious and unconscious mind can work in concert to make your efforts successful.

Giving yourself permission to put aside a difficult task away for awhile (assuming you are not under a time constraint) can be helpful.

Frequently, you will get renewed energy to work on your task once your unconscious mind has had time to work on it.

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