Making a Bucket List!

Making a Bucket List of what you want to accomplish in your life is akin to creating a map to find your dreams. It can be done at an early age; or at any age.

John Goddard who is a famous adventurer and motivational speaker decided early in his life to make a bucket list of goals he wanted to accomplish. That list became the inflection point that guided him through the years.

At the age of 15 John Goddard wrote down the 127 goals he wanted to reach in his lifetime. The categories were wide and deep. Here are just a few of his goals.

• Explore: The Nile, Amazon & Congo
• Climb: Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Rainier & Mt Fuji
• Swim in: Lake Victoria, Lake Titicaca & Lake Superior
• Photograph: Iguaçu Falls in Brazil & Victoria Falls in Rhodesia
• Study Primitive Cultures in: The Congo, Brazil, Borneo & Australia
• Explore Underwater: The Coral reefs of Florida & the Great Barrier Reef
• Visit: The Great Wall of China, Panama and Suez canals & the Taj Mahal
• Accomplish: Become an Eagle Scout, dive in a submarine, learn to fence

Six decades later he has accomplished well over 100 of his bucket list. It all started with a list of decisions!

In the 1980s I read about John Goddard in a readers digest article. I was impressed with his will and accomplishments. I hoped then that one day I might meet him.

A few years later I had the great pleasure to meet and dine with John Goddard at his home. It was quite an experience.

Before dinner John showed me around his home and took me into a room with artifacts from around the world. He gently joked with me and the mood was light. He walked me over to where there was a primitive sword hung on the wall.

John reached over and pulled the sword half-way out of its sheath, and said to me in a serious tone: “This sword must draw blood if it is ever pulled out of its sheath!” Then, he slowly put the sword back.

His message was clear. Just as a sword isn’t taken out unless it is used; we need to finish what we start to be successful in life. It was a fitting lesson for everyone who wants to improve their life.

John Goddard’s zest for life and adventure has inspired many people.

When a writer asked about John’s age he responded:

“In our family we don’t keep track of years; we keep track of experience. Age is only important in terms of wine and cheese!”

Whether you are eight or eighty, making a bucket list helps you plan for an interesting future full of purpose and enjoyment.

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