Critical Thinking

Our critical thinking ability is the most powerful strength that we possess.

It has allowed us human beings to leave the protection of natural caves, to design and build homes, to make complex infrastructures and teach our young.

We create beautiful artwork and write countless novels. We have the printing press, the telescope and the microchip. We build astounding land, air and sea vehicles.

The quality of life we humans experience as a group exists in direct proportion to our brain power and how we use it.

Much thinking that people do is disorganized, biased, not thought through or forward looking, and hurried.

In the absence of experience, reasoning, confidence and education (both formal and informal), people use feelings and intuition as guides to decision making.

This often leads to flawed decisions and unwanted consequences in life. Feelings and intuition are critical parts of the thinking process. However, they must to be backed up with knowledge, experience and wisdom.

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