Poker Math

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited!” ~Plutarch

Poker math and playing Texas No-Limit Hold'em can teach much about problem solving.

Texas No-Limit Hold’em is arguably one of the most incredibly complex, frustrating and fascinating games that has ever been created. For tens of millions of people, it is a significant part of their leisure time. For some, it is a serious endeavor.

At its core, playing excellent poker is all about making great decisions, patience, excellent hand selection, strategy, tactics, adaptability, learning from your mistakes and more. Harnessing the power of math is a significant factor in winning.

The reward for understanding the math at a gut level is a significant competitive advantage resulting in a higher level of confidence. You will know more than most players who depend heavily on good cards and good luck.


Mystery shrouds when Texas No-Limit Hold’em was invented, however it is thought of have started in the early 1900’s in Robstown Texas. It is one of the most complex games that has ever been created. Today there are artificial intelligence programs that are striving to understand the optimal ways of playing the game.

How Texas No Limit Hold'em and Poker Math Can Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

To become an excellent poker player, one must have many of the same skills that make people successful in business. Some of the key ones are:
• Great decision Making
• Playing the Situation
• Strategy and Tactics
• Sound Judgement
• Mental Endurance
• Adaptability
• Reputation
• Confidence
• Discipline
• Patience
• Intuition
• Mastering the Math
• And more…

To become an excellent problem solver takes practical experience. One of the best places to get this experience is at a poker table. Math is a key element in this equation.

I have created a book to fill a void in the poker world. The name is Mastering Poker Math. Let's explore further

Mastering Poker Math. has been created to help you learn the math of Texas No-Limit Hold’em. It is primarily geared towards tournament play. Yet, many of the concepts described within can be applied to cash games as well. Some of the math is straight-forward. Some of it is more complicated.

The in-depth parts are to help you understand how the math is derived so you can internalize it, not just memorize a lot of boring numbers and tables.
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