The Top 25 Critical Thinking Skills

Here are the top 25 Critical Thinking Skills that are needed to be a successful critical thinker. Enjoy!

First, up to bat are the top 10 skills. These are especially important. They are the core of critical thinking!

1. A curious and open mind

2. Thinking through issues

3. Not taking things at face value

4. Applying the 7 steps of making any decision

5. Applying the scientific method

6. Analyzing issues from multiple view points

7. Awareness of critical thinking land mines

8. Applying the 8 steps to doing any project

9. Using the Pareto principle

10. Using convergent and divergent thinking

Next, here are the next 15 skills:

11. Using the right brain, left-brain, crossover

12. Using Split-Second-Decision-Making

13. Knowing critical questions to ask

14. Making the right assumptions

15. Interpreting information correctly

16. The ability to investigate any subject

17. Intuitive and non-intuitive thinking

18. Tinkering, the art of playing

19. Locating the root cause of problems

20. The ability to work backwards

21. Applying history as a guide

22. Doing comparison studies

23. Connecting with others

24. Using your 7 types of intelligences

25. Creating a great future for yourself

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