About Chuck Clayton

Hello, my name is Chuck Clayton and I created and maintain this website.

My professional experience is as a senior mechanical and also systems engineer. Other experience includes business.

Both engineering and business require strong critical thinking skills coupled with problem solving and decision making skills.

These skills were also taught heavily in the Universities I attended.

My undergraduate is in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in Houghton Michigan and my MBA is from Pepperdine University in Malibu California.

I owe much to my parents as well as some amazing teachers who taught me the incredible value of critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in everything I do.

Parental Influence

My parents were excellent role models. They always stressed the importance of a good education. They were both well read and taught me great values as well as respect of self and others.

Teacher Influence

A professor named Dr. Gertmenian (Dr. G) first opened my eyes to the amazing world of Critical Thinking in a Micro Economics class I took from him at Pepperdine University.

He also stressed problem solving, and informed decision making. His passion and commitment to excellence took me to another level of learning.

I have traveled to China twice and Russia once with Dr G. I am also good friends with his entire family.

Arthur Ide was the editor on my first two books. He was relentless in teaching me how to write clearly and concisely. Art has written over 400 books himself (yes over 400) and I was humbled and honored that he helped with my education.

Ted Risch was the editor of my third book: The Re-Discovery of Common Sense.

Ted’s education is in literature. He has a wealth of experience teaching a wide array of people in the military and in civilian life. That depth of knowledge coupled with his attention to detail and commitment further educated me on writing with purpose and clarity.

Beyond excellent parents, schools and teachers I have also traveled a fair amount. These travels have taken me to 6 continents and 30 + countries.

Each of these travel experiences taught me over and over again how much we humans are more alike than different. We are all capable of learning strong critical thinking skills, decision making and problem solving skills. It takes time, a desire to learn and dedication.

It is now my turn to teach and I have been fortunate to learn from some of the very best teachers.

It is to teach subjects clearly, with purpose and to help students grow in their own time and space.

Critical thinking, decision making and problem solving can be tough subjects to grasp and internalize. A teacher's job is to teach in a non-intimidating and understandable manner to others.

The information provided in this website is extremely rich and flexible. Men and women from age 15 to 90 can apply this knowledge effectively if they open themselves to learning and applying it.

“Each decision you make, each path you take, each risk you take helps to define who you are and who you will become. Investing the time to think through, investigate, weigh options, and then choosing your decisions carefully creates a better life."
~ Chuck Clayton

Chuck Clayton Outside of Work:

I live in Tucson Arizona. My passions include: keeping in good shape mentally as well as physically. Reading is a must as well as exploring the world. My curiosity is insatiable and travel is fun as well as educational. On many evenings you can find me dancing Argentine Tango.

I also study the lessons from the US Space Program from Mercury thru Gemini and Apollo. The Astronauts and support crews involved in these programs were the best of the best at critical thinking, decision making and problem solving.

Their dedication helped put 12 men on the moon and bring them safely home. There is much rich knowledge and experience to learn from these individuals!

My niece Hayley and me at her graduation

Gene Kranz and Chuck Clayton

Gene Kranz (Space Program Flight Controller)and Chuck Clayton

Tango Dancing

Tango Dancing

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