Problem Solving Tools

The Problem Solving Tools and Techniques presented here can be used to solve problems, make great decisions, and do a wide array tasks.

Easy to learn and use Tools and Techniques

Brainstorming Techniques

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Brainstorming is an extremely powerful and flexible problem solving tool. It is used to generate a large number of creative ideas. Besides problem solving it can be used for critical thinking and decision making.

Ben Franklin Balance Sheet

Ben Franklin Balance Sheet
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Known for his common sense, Ben Franklin originally developed the balance sheet for making yes and no decisions. He made thousands of wise decisions and used this method to make many of those decisions.

Root Cause

Root Cause
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Many problems have root causes that are important to their solution(s). Symptoms are an indicator that there is a problem (or problems) in a business or in one’s personal life.

Burning Platform

Burning Platform
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The origin of if the term comes from a story about a man on an oil platform in the North Sea who one night it suddenly awakened by an explosion and resulting fire on the platform. Striving to escape the impending flames, he is able to find his way though the chaos to the edge of the platform. Then he jumps off the platform and saves his own life.

Gathering True Facts and Data

Gathering True Facts and Data
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There are several key sources to gather and use data effectively and effectively. This section teaches how to find good sources of information.

Train of Thought

Train of Thought
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A train of thought is a systematic process to think through issues. First, facts and data are gathered. Then, assumptions and risks are considered. Finally, an informed decision is made and appropriate action is taken to achieve a goal.

The Subconscious-A Critical Thinking Tool

The Subconscious
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The subconscious is a hidden resource that is helpful in problem solving, achieving objectives and making decisions.

The Point of Diminishing Return
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The Point of Diminishing Returns is when it is time to move to another step of a project, objective, problem, or to make a decision. This occurs when your time and energy generate minimal useful information.

Final Thoughts

These tools and techniques can be used in a wide array of useful areas.

Can you think of a task or decisions that you currently working where you could use one or more of these tools?

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