Using History as a Guide

Those who don't use history as a guide are bound to repeat it. This statement is both powerful and profound.

Becoming a student of history is a good way to strengthen critical thinking skills.

The more history that is learned and understood, the more one prepares himself or herself for events that naturally occur in life.

History doesn't repeat itself exactly. That is where a strong understanding of intuitive and non-intuitive thinking skills coupled with an ability to develop a clear train of thought can be used as effective tools to work through problems.

History is rich with examples that have great ideas on how to approach (or solve) many problems. The old saying why reinvent the wheel? is useful.

In an article about a great designer the writer asked him how he designed such amazing things. He answered that he would research thoroughly what he was attempting to design. His investigation usually showed about 95% of what he was designing was already completed. He would then design the remaining 5%!

We accomplish the most when we stand on the shoulders of others.

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