Social Conditioning

Social conditioning can be a benefit or drawback to your ability to think critically.

Each of us is unique. Age, IQ, race, genes, gender, culture, family, friends, and a wide array of other factors have a dramatic effect on how we view the world and the people we interact with.

Critical thinking is hindered when the world and people in it are viewed from biased conditioning without learning the needs, desires and dreams of others.

It may not be possible to completely understand others, but open minded critical thinking can enable you to listen, learn and empathize. This helps you understand others better.

For example, because someone is a Christian, that doesn’t mean he or she can’t appreciate the beliefs of Judaism, Buddhism, or Confucianism. The same is true for any religious, social or political belief system.

Arguably one of the biggest problem in the world today is lack of acceptance. In another word: intolerance. Race, religion, culture, and a wide array of other factors can bring us together or tear us apart. Each of us chooses if we will accept others, or not.

Recognizing and accepting the influences of conditioning from social effects is normal.

However, strive to understand how and why they are biasing thoughts.

That enlightenment will help clarify your thinking about issues and help guide you towards conclusions that are rational, unbiased, logical and fair.

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