Schedule Pressures

Schedule pressures can be an enemy of sound critical thinking.

These pressures can lead to:

Cutting corners - That can lead to mistakes and poor decision making.

Undue stress - This can also lead to mistakes and bad decision making.

Procrastination - This comes from not knowing how or where to start. This can lead to even more stress and cutting corners. A vicious circle begins.

The result is excessive cost and time to fix.

This is unfortunate when proper planning and execution could have helped tasks to be done right the first time.

Many times tasks can be done within the budget allocated.

Think of a time when you or someone you know had some excessive pressures from tight schedules.

• Were an undue number of mistakes made?

• Did it cost time, energy and money to fix later?

• If more focused time had been invested up front to do the task correctly, would the results have been better?

There is an overused statement at many work places. It is:

“We don’t have time to do it right the first time, we will fix it later!”

Many companies lose millions of dollars each year from schedules that have high pressures. It costs individuals dearly as well. To help minimize the negative effects of excessive pressures from schedules do the following:

• Before starting, map out the project steps using the tools and techniques shown on this website.

• Determine the schedule drivers and see if relief is possible.

• Work hard, but make time to relax however you do it best>br> (Consider: exercise, chilling, listening to enjoyable music etc).

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