Your Journey Continues

Your Journey continues past this website.

Through this website we have taken a journey together.

My purpose has been to guide you to create a critical thinking mindset, and to learn problem solving and decision making skills.

My wish is that you continue to strengthen your skills.

Learn to question everything. Begin to view the world in the eyes of a child with a curious and open mind.

Think through every issues, analyze issues from multiple view points and hone your intuitive and non-intuitive thinking skills.

These simple habits coupled with continuing your education throughout all your days will put you on the path to becoming a powerhouse of a thinker.

Like any worthwhile ability, your skills will improve with practice.

In the words of Carl Sagan who helped expand the universe for millions by teaching about it:

“Ask courageous questions. Do not be satisfied with superficial answers. Be open to wonder and at the same time subject all claims to knowledge, without exception, to intense skeptical scrutiny. Be aware of human fallibility. Cherish your species and your planet. ” ~ Carl Sagan

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