Traditional Bookstores and Libraries

Traditional Bookstores and Libraries, the internet and top experts are all excellent resources for investigating subjects.

Web bookstores only allow you to browse selected excerpts in books. In contrast, bricks and mortar bookstores allow you browse book(s) in detail that interest you before buying.

The section in the bookstore that carries the topic you are exploring will have other books on the subject matter. As with browsing in the web bookstores, look for a book (or books) that provides information that’s helpful and easy to understand.

Talk to a bookstore employee about the subject you are researching.

However, not all employees at bookstores are knowledgeable. To find those who are, go to the information desk. Usually the most knowledgeable people in the bookstore reside there.

If there isn’t an information desk, then locate a knowledgeable individual by asking employees who would be the best person to help you find information about the subject matter you are researching. Then, consult with that individual.

Public libraries are also great resources. The process of finding books is done by researching the subject on their computer system.

Libraries have well trained helpful people at the resource desks who will also assist you with your investigation.

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