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Top Experts are important resources on their subjects. Two types of experts are experts in their field and local experts.

Top-Experts in their field have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of a particular subject. Sometimes there is one person who is considered the best in the field. Other times, there are a few who are significantly better than the rest.

An outstanding example is Peter Drucker. He is a famous business management top expert. Many of his concepts are essential parts of American business management practice.

If a person wants to learn about business management but only had time to read a few books, an excellent choice would be one of Drucker’s books.

Here’s another example.

In the early 1980’s I started a screen printing business out of my home. I purchased a book called How to Print T-shirts for Fun and Profit by Scott Fresener and Pat Fresener.

It was the best “how to” book I have ever purchased. With this book I started a part time screen printing business; and for a while, a full time business. I had the business for over a year.

The book taught me how to build a screen printing business from the ground up, the equipment to purchase and how to price and market the products.

It also showed me where to buy shirts, and caps, inks and other supplies. It was only 175 pages long, but was full of ideas, resources and illustrations. Few words were wasted.

Selecting a top expert to teach you is a good use of time. Other perspectives are worthwhile; however, learning from the best provides a solid foundation of subject knowledge to build on.

Then, if time permits, get different perspectives.

Finding top experts is straight forward.

A web search result on a subject for books and articles commonly identifies experts in the subject. When a name continually shows up, take notice, that person is probably an expert in the field.

If an expert has written a book (or books) on the subject, review the book(s). Do a internet search on an expert to provide helpful information about his or her experience and background.

You may also find that there are articles he/she has written on the subject. Review those as well.

Other resources to locate experts are bookstores and libraries.

Go to the section that lists the topic you are investigating. Review books that are helpful and easy to understand.

Many top experts write to others in their field, not to the general public. Understanding their material can be difficult. In this case there are two options to learn about the subject.

First, look for another top expert in the field. If another expert’s book explains a subject more clearly to you, select his or her book.

Second, look for interpreters. An interpreter is a person who can explain difficult subject matter by restating it for people who want to learn about it, but aren’t in that particular field.

Einstein’s work on relativity is tough to understand especially for the general public. Fortunately, there are many good interpreters who have studied his work and restated it for most people to understand.

Another example of an interpreter is Thomas Armstrong. He wrote a book called The 7 Kinds of Smart. The book teaches seven different types of human intelligences. It interprets the work of Howard Gardner for the general public.

Gardner’s book: Frames of Mind-The Theory of Multiple Intelligences is an academic study primarily written for experts in his field. Although good, it can be tough to read for people outside the field.

Local Experts can be found for a wide array of subjects. They can be located at businesses and stores.

For example, if you are planning on doing a home tiling project, talking with some of the experts at local stores will be helpful.

Seeking out top experts who have significant experience and knowledge is worthwhile. Always ask for the individual at a store or business with the most experience.

Unfortunately today many people at stores and businesses are not well trained or knowledgeable in their field. Many want to be helpful but have little experience. By always seeking the best you will free up time and reduce your frustration levels significantly.

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