Things to Come

Nothing can change the shape of things to come!
Or, can the future be changed?

We are on the edge of an amazing future. What changes lay ahead? What skills will you need to be successful and happy? Will you be ready?

Alvin and Heidi Toffler are futurists. They have studied and written predictions of the future for decades.

Their first book, Future Shock was released back in 1970. It was thoroughly researched and critically thought through. Many of their predictions came true.

Their latest book, Revolutionary Wealth released in 2006 also makes predictions about the future. Since their past books were proven to be accurate on many topics, it’s fair to assume that their latest book will provide many insightful thoughts about the future.

Here are some key excerpts from their work.

The Wealth System

“If the First Wave wealth system was chiefly based on growing things, and the Second Wave on making things, the Third Wave wealth system is increasingly based on serving, thinking, knowing and experiencing…The new wealth system demands a complete shake-up in the way increasingly temporary skill sets are organized for increasingly temporary purposes throughout the economy. Nothing is more deeply fundamental to the creation of wealth.”


“In each of us there is a crowded, invisible warehouse full of knowledge and its precursor data and information. But unlike a warehouse, it is also a workshop in which we—or, more accurately, the electrochemicals in our brains—continually shift, add, subtract, combine and rearrange numbers, symbols, words, images, and memories, combining them with emotions to form new thoughts.”

Cross Disciplinary Knowledge Required

“More and more jobs require cross-disciplinary knowledge, so that we find increasing need for hyphenated backgrounds—“Astro-biologist,” “bio-physicist,” “environmental-engineer,” “forensic-accountant.””

A New Dawn

“Living at the dawn of this century, we are direct or indirect participants in the design of a new civilization with a revolutionary wealth system at its core. Will this process complete itself—or will the still incomplete wealth revolution come to a crashing halt?” 1

The message is clear. The shape of things to come is happening day by day, week by week and year by year.

Those who will succeed and prosper in the coming years will have the following skills and backgrounds:

Problem Solving Skills
Decision making skills
• Knowledge
• Schooling
• Experience
• Reasoning
• Intuition
• Common sense
• Confidence

These skills and background can be boiled down to three words: Critical Thinking Skills. With these skills you will be prepared for whatever challenges the future presents.


Are You Ready for the Shape of Things to Come?

Today changes are happening at an increasing rate in the world and in our personal lives. With more choices than ever before we are constantly bombarded with opportunities to change and grow. It can be dizzying at times. The shape of things to come is happening faster and faster.

Whether you are sixteen, sixty or any other age, the need to grow, adjust and adapt are crucial to being happy and prosperous. You may be trying to decide on your first career, or your fourth one. Or, you may be preparing for retirement.

Even if you are satisfied with your work, you may want to consider new interesting and fun activities or hobbies for your spare time.

On the other hand, you may currently be happy with these areas of your life. Your career is going well, and you enjoy your outside activities.

Either way, changes in one or more of these areas is inevitable—if not now, later.

Security in life is frequently an illusion—and today this is true more than ever. Helen Keller had an amazing life despite the fact that she was blind and deaf. One of her famous quotes is:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.”
~ Helen Keller


1 Toffler, Alvin and Heidi. Revolutionary Wealth—How it will be created and how it will change our lives (Toronto: Random House of Canada Limited 2006).

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