7 Successful Student Skills

These 7 successful student skills are critical to a fruitful education and prosperous future. Enjoy!

1. Establish strong classroom and study habits
Habits are part of the human condition. You are creating habits at a high rate at this time in life. Many of which will last a lifetime. Choosing good habits as opposed to bad ones is crucial.

2. Learn the basic skills of independence
A large part of becoming a successful student is learning to be on one’s own. The skills needed for independence include, but are not limited to: Cooking, cleaning, car repair, finances, setting up a budge, spending and investing wisely and more.

3. Learn think critically.
This is a powerful skill that will serve you well through all of your days.

4. Establish strong social networks of friends and other relationships
We humans are social creatures. As with any need, social interaction is important for good health and happiness to be a happy and successful student. Learning the importance of communication skills will help in this area.

• There is a caveat to social networking. Many people get caught in the trap of partying like a maniac to the detriment of their studies. This is unfortunate, and sometimes a tragedy as each student is building a foundation for his or her entire future. It that foundation is faulty, (think of a cracked foundation), it will ripple throughout ones entire life.

• Although it is possible to recover, it frequently does not occur. And if it does, the effort is significantly (if not dramatically) more difficult. Responsibilities and obligations only increase in life. And they can be overwhelming if not kept in check.

5. Nurture 1-3 mentor relationships
Working with a person who will teach you the inner workings of adult life will put you light years in front of others. These student mentor relationships are invaluable. Both for the student, and for the mentor. It is a human need to pass on what we know to the people who come after us. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

6. Travel whenever possible
There are few better ways to learn the similarities and differences in human beings than to do some serious traveling. We are a lot more alike than the news media would have us believe. The only way to know this is to travel yourself. One of my mentors (Dr. G.) told me what his father told him. “See the world before you leave it!” This is wise advice for the successful student.

7. Strengthen your body - Learn to exercise regularly
No one feels good when they feel bad. If you play sports great. Get involved in tennis, racquetball or other active sports that will keep you healthy. If you aren’t an athlete consider jogging, aerobics, biking, weight lifting or other types of exercise programs.

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