Note Taking Techniques

Good note taking techniques have many benefits.

They help organize your thoughts, are priceless when studying for quizzes and exams and will help you to cut down on your study time.

Also, good note taking skills are key to achieving higher grades.

Note Taking Strategies
There are several helpful note taking strategies. They are:

Taking Short and Concise NotesThink of note taking like writing an outline most of the time.

Try and use an economy of words when you are taking notes during classes.

If the teacher is moving quickly through a subject then it is especially important to stick to the important points. Moving too fast will provide you with messy notes that are hard to read and understand. In many cases they will be useless to you later.

Your notes will help you to hone in on the key subject areas when studying. This will help you internalize the subject and be a significant benefit to use before quizzes and tests.

It has been said that it takes around seven times of seeing a subject to get a general understanding of it. The more times you review your notes, the better you will understand a subject.

Taking Copious Notes
Sometimes a subject is extremely complex. And, there is time to take adequate notes. In this case consider taking copious notes to help you with the subject later.

Reviewing Your Notes
Try and review your notes the same day you took them. If that isn’t possible then try and do no later than the next day. This will help you internalize the subject faster.

Review your notes before all quizzes and tests. They will also help you to internalize the subject quicker.

Effective Note Taking Bonus: Reviewing your accumulated notes from a tough course every week or two helps you internalize a subject faster. This is one of several important note taking tips.

Improving Your Notes
When you look at your notes think about what is good about your notes, what is bad and how to improve them. Improving your note taking techniques takes time. It is truly an iterative process.

In Summary
Your note taking techniques will improve with practice. These note taking strategies can help you internalize a subject, give you a step up on other students and are important in helping you become a successful student.

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