Just in Time Learning

Just in Time Learning is a critical accelerated learning skill.

There are many useful resources to help you investigate essentially any subject you can think of today.

The primary ones are: the Internet (including virtual bookstores), traditional bookstores and libraries, experts, classes and software.

To locate information when investigating use data mining.

Data mining is sifting through a great deal of information to get the golden nuggets of information you seek.

Effective data mining invests your time in order to learn what you need to know, when you need to know it.

This is known as: just-in-time learning.

There are vast amount of information available on the web, books, magazines and more. Here are some questions worth asking.

• How do you quickly find the best information available?

• How do you keep from going into information overload?

Note: Information overload is when you feel buried in information and have difficulty knowing what to do next.

• How do you keep from going down blind alleys that take you in a direction away from the information you are looking for?

• How do you keep from getting wrapped around the axle? That is to say; how do you avoid looking at the same information again and again expecting it to yield something useful when it has little that you need?

To learn how to minimize information overload, blind alleys and getting wrapped around the axle please see: The Point of Diminishing Returns Other articles in the Accelerated Learning section will address how to make the most effective use of the resources available to you for investigation.

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