The Critical Think Tank ™

Welcome to the Critical Think Tank!™ You have learned many powerful critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills by studying this website.

The Re-Discovery of Common Sense will also provide you with the basics of these powerful skills.

This section is dedicated to taking you to the next level of understanding. In other words, you will be deep digging into concepts, issues and applying blue sky thinking.

The Critical Think Tank™ is the master’s level course. And in some cases the PhD course.

Stimulate Your Thinking!

Many of the ideas presented herein are not new, but they are presented in a way to help you see the world more clearly with insights and real world solutions that cam be apply to your own situations.

In other words this section is intended to stimulate your thinking, to get you out of your box and to look at problems and concepts in a way you may not have done before.

You will be challenged at every turn. You will need to question everything and make up your own mind as to what you believe and what you will do with your new found knowledge and skills.

If you are a diligent student you will become a stronger problems solver, critical thinker, and decision maker.

This section will continue to grow so bookmark this page and stay tuned for more stimulating articles, tools and concepts.

Welcome to The Critical Think Tank™!

1. Financial Literacy -This section provides information to keep you informed,articles to get you thinking and resources to protect and grow your finances. In today’s upside down financial world this section is crucial.

2. Accelerated Learning - This section is dedicated to teaching you key skills to help you grow your knowledge base and strengthen your wisdom quickly.

3. Preparing for the Future - The purpose of this section is to provide articles that discuss what is coming in the future. Some of the articles will be about predictions of the future in general. Others will be about planning for your own future.

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